Grim tally: A look at each of Utah’s homicide victims of 2021

Rebecca Ortiz Calderon, Alonso Garcia-Mendoza’s mother, helps light a candle at a vigil for Garcia-Mendoza during a vigil outside of a Latter-Day Saints meetinghouse at 5305 W. 5400 South in Kearns on Sunday March 14, 2021. Garcia-Mendoza was shot and killed in the parking lot. (Annie Barker, Deseret News)

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SALT LAKE CITY — There were 95 homicides in Utah during 2021, the second-highest annual total since Utah had 103 homicides in 2020, according to statistics.

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Here is a look at each of the Utah homicide victims of 2021.

Emilio Salazar, 28
Emilio Salazar, 28 (Photo: Legacy)

1.SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 9 — Emilio Salazar, 28, was shot multiple times outside a home at 1172 W. California Ave. (1300 South) following a verbal argument. Alex Christopher Mendoza Jr., 19, a documented gang member from South Jordan with a long history of violence, is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

2.CEDAR CITY, Jan. 27 — Lucas Hughes and Ethan Rapoza, both 18, were stabbed to death in their apartment at 1790 W. Harding Ave. Cedar City police later said the case was ruled to be a murder-suicide but have not said which person did what. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Stabbing

3.OGDEN, Feb. 6 — Dino Raul Morales, 28, was shot and killed by Ogden police after refusing to drop the gun he was holding. Morales was wanted for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman and then stealing her car. Police attempted to pull him over, he fled and was found hiding in the back of a pickup in a detached garage in the 2900 block of Grant Avenue. Two Ogden police officers fired nine times when they say Morales wouldn’t drop his gun. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

Conzuelo “Nicole” Solorio-Romero, 25
Conzuelo “Nicole” Solorio-Romero, 25 (Photo: Unified Police Department)

4.KEARNS, Feb. 6 — Conzuelo “Nicole” Solorio-Romero, 25, was forcibly taken from her home at 5133 W. 5400 South at gunpoint and taken to 1136 W Elba Ave. in West Valley City, where she was shot in the head. Police say the house has ties to a Mexican cartel. Her body was then dumped in a location still undisclosed by police. It was recovered on March 26. Six people are charged in connection with the killing: Orlando Esiesa Tobar, 29, from Honduras; and Jorge Rafael Medina-Reyes, 21, are charged with aggravated murder; restaurant owner Carolina Marquez, 38, of Salt Lake City; her son Fernando Marquez, 22, of Kearns, are charged with murder; Ivan Jesus Acosta, 27, of Salt Lake City and Cristian Noe Morales-Gonzales, 26, are charged with obstructing justice and desecration of a dead body. Court documents indicate that Carolina Marquez may have ordered Solorio to be kidnapped because the woman owed her money. Charging documents also say Solorio accused her alleged kidnappers of murdering her husband, and Tobar said she “knew too much” just before Medina-Reyes shot her. Motive: Unknown, money Method: Shooting

Dennis Glen Denham, 60
Dennis Glen Denham, 60 (Photo:

5.KEARNS, Feb. 6 — Dennis Glen Denham, 60, was shot and killed by three police officers after the intoxicated man shot at his wife, pointed a gun at his grandson and fired at police. In September, the district attorney determined that West Valley officers Michael Fugate and Brady Sargent and Unified officer Bryson Huntington were legally justified in using deadly force. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

Satnam Singh, 65
Satnam Singh, 65 (Photo: Legacy)

6.OGDEN, Feb. 28 — Satnam Singh, 65, the owner of the Super Grocery store, 675 N. Monroe Blvd., was shot and killed inside the store during a robbery attempt. Antonio Gianny Garcia, 16, pleaded guilty to discharge of a firearm and aggravated robbery and was sentenced to two terms of five years to life for each charge. Garcia told police he planned the robbery because he wanted more cash. Initial charging documents say Garcia bought the gun from someone but did not tell investigators who that person was. Motive: Robbery Method: Shooting

Photos of Alonso Garcia-Mendoza, 32, are pictured at vigil for him on March 14.
Photos of Alonso Garcia-Mendoza, 32, are pictured at vigil for him on March 14. (Photo: Annie Barker, Deseret News)

7.KEARNS, March 9 — Alonso Gerardo Garcia-Mendoza, 32, was shot in a church parking lot, 5305 W. 5400 South, during an alleged drug deal. Jonathan Montrail Johnson, 20, Shihab Wesaga, 18, and Dalmar Mohamed Abdi, 17, all of Salt Lake City, are charged with murder. A 15-year-old boy was also arrested. The group is accused of arranging the drug deal with the intent of robbing Garcia-Mendoza and his two friends when they arrived. The two friends were also shot. Alleged motive: Robbery, drugs Method: Shooting

Mostafa Hosseini, 26
Mostafa Hosseini, 26 (Photo: South Salt Lake police)

8.SALT LAKE CITY, March 13 — Mostafa Hosseini, 26, was shot and killed following an ongoing argument with another man. Ashish Biswa, 24, of South Salt Lake, is charged with murder and accused of arguing with Hosseini several times at a nightclub throughout the evening about little things such as a watch Biswa was wearing and another time over cigarettes. After Biswa and Hosseini drove with others to Biswa’s apartment at 455 E. 2250 South, witnesses heard gunshots and found Hosseini lying on the ground next to the car. Hosseini was shot three times, according to police. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

Carol Kaye Durkes, 35
Carol Kaye Durkes, 35 (Photo: Facebook)

9.MURRAY, March 17 — The bodies of Carol Kay Durkes, 55, and John Dallas Evans, 50, were found at 6122 S. Eagle Nest Drive (1230 West) when family members asked police to conduct a welfare check after not hearing from the couple for a few days. Durkes was bludgeoned to death in a murder-suicide, according to police. Evans died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Beating

Micah Stephen Cambridge, 41
Micah Stephen Cambridge, 41 (Photo: Facebook)

10.MYTON, Duchesne County, March 18 — Micah Stephen Cambridge, 41, of Myton, was shot by his friend as the two had a drunken argument at a home at 120 E. 100 North, police said. Keith Nelson Broadwater, 46, is charged with murder. A judge ruled in December that Broadwater did not meet the legal standard for self-defense. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

11.SOUTH SALT LAKE, March 19 — Ronald Fisher, 66, was found deceased outside the front door of a mattress business at 583 W. Billinis Road. His wife, Emilee Petersen Fisher, 37, is charged with murder and accused of shooting her husband after he showed up at the mattress business and found her with another man. Police found the man hiding in a dumpster. She told police Fisher “had come after her,” but police say she shot him from inside the business and through a glass door. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

Troy Gerry Frampton, 60
Troy Gerry Frampton, 60 (Photo: Larkin Mortuary)

12.WEST VALLEY CITY, March 22 — Troy Gerry Frampton, 60, was shot inside a motorhome after a night of drinking with his friend. Frampton was with Glen Clark Hogue, 58, parked in front of 1504 W. Claybourne Ave. (2800 South), drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana when Frampton showed Hogue his gun. Hogue grabbed the gun, and during the ensuing struggle over the weapon a shot was fired into the floor but Hogue held on to the gun and wouldn’t give it back. Hogue claims Frampton later rushed at him and he fired in self-defense. But prosecutors charged him with murder and say the evidence doesn’t support that. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

Gwendolyn Doner, 19
Gwendolyn Doner, 19 (Photo: GoFundMe)

13.MURRAY, March 30 — Gwendolyn Doner, 19, was driving on I-215 to go south on I-15 when she was hit head-on by a wrong-way driver. Justin Wayne Robertson, 35, of Cottonwood Heights was charged with murder and accused of causing the crash on purpose. Prosecutors say Robertson purposely drove the wrong way on the freeway in an effort to take his own life and there was “no evidence that Robertson attempted to avoid the collision.” Alleged motive: Attempted suicide Method: Vehicle

Mindee Lavell Elmore, 41
Mindee Lavell Elmore, 41 (Photo: GoFundMe)

14.OGDEN, April 3 — Mindee Lavell Elmore, 41, was confronted in the parking lot of a Smith’s grocery store, 1485 S. Harrison Blvd., by her ex-boyfriend who shot her. Seth Levi Gibson, 34, of Ogden, then drove to a house about four miles away in the 900 block of Maple Street where the Ogden Metro SWAT team tried for hours to negotiate with him to surrender. The standoff ended when Gibson shot himself. He died three days later. Friends say the couple had broken up a year earlier. Elmore’s current boyfriend posted a screenshot on his Facebook page that appears to show a message Gibson allegedly sent him before shooting himself. The message states: “You took Mindee from me. I took her from you.” Motive: Possible love triangle, domestic Method: Shooting

Steven Bailey, 38
Steven Bailey, 38 (Photo: Lindquist Memorial)

15.ROY, April 10 — Steve Bailey, 38, of Roy, was shot once in the head allegedly over a money dispute with a friend. Bailey was at the Roy home of Daniel Johnson, 48, when police say they got into a fight over finances and Johnson shot his friend in the head and drove his body to a parking lot in the 3200 block of Orchard Avenue in Ogden, where it went unnoticed for days. Johnson is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Money Method: Shooting

16.SOUTH SALT LAKE, April 10 — Joshua Michael Johnson, 31, was shot by Salt Lake County sheriff’s deputies on the grounds of the Salt Lake County Jail complex. Johnson shot two officers — grazing one officer’s cheek and shooting the other in the eye, causing the deputy to lose his eye — before being fatally shot by one of the deputies who returned fire. The district attorney determined the shooting was legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

Matthew Wayne Young, 49
Matthew Wayne Young, 49 (Photo: Magleby Mortuary)

17.CHURCH WELLS, Kane County — Matthew Wayne Young, 49, was shot and killed on his property. Young was shot in the back and then shot again in the back of the head while he was on the ground, police say. Jason Thomas Bates, 38, of Page, Arizona, is charged with murder. A competency review for Bate is scheduled for Jan. 6. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

Darnell Brown, 39
Darnell Brown, 39 (Photo: GoFundMe)

18.MURRAY, APRIL 21 — Darnell Brown, 39, was shot following a heated argument that allegedly started with Brown making fun of a Range Rover that Patrick Koaneil Brown, 42, had recently purchased. Patrick Brown “pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Darnell Brown, who became angry, then followed Patrick Brown and hit his vehicle, police say. Patrick Brown is accused of shooting him once in the head near 4500 S. State. He is charged with murder. The two men are not related. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

Melissa Wood, 34
Melissa Wood, 34 (Photo: GoFundMe)

19.MURRAY, April 22 — Melissa Wood, 34, was stabbed in front of her apartment, 4439 S. Brick Oven Way (170 West), after confronting a 16-year-old boy about racial slurs he was using with friends as she was interacting with young children nearby, according to court testimony. Izaak Jopseh Vijil is charged as an adult with murder and accused of stabbing her six times. An officer testified that Vijil claimed he was trying to protect himself because she was yelling at him and he didn’t know if she had any weapons. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Stabbing

Ryan Prendergast, 21
Ryan Prendergast, 21 (Photo: Facebook)

20.SALT LAKE CITY, April 26 — Ryan Prendergast, 21, who was living in a tent near 900 South and 500 West, was shot, allegedly by the ex-boyfriend of a woman who was staying in the tent with Prendergast. William Henry Clark V, 33, fled to his house in Magna after the shooting and was arrested following a long standoff with police. He is charged with aggravated murder. Police say Clark had earlier left messages threatening to hurt her and her “new man.” Alleged motive: Possible love triangle, domestic Method: Shooting

Kevin Hettich, 51
Kevin Hettich, 51 (Photo: Starks Funeral Parlor)

21.SALT LAKE CITY, May 1 — Kevin Hettich, 51, was beaten with a metal pole near 338 W. Hansen Ave. Nathaniel Joseph Kenyon, 42, of Salt Lake City, who has a history of mental health issues, is charged with murder and aggravated assault for allegedly killing Hettich and critically injuring another person. Kenyon called the death a “mercy killing” and said he’d had an “evil feeling and that it was time to react,” charges state. Motive: Unknown Method: Beating

Shandon Nicole Scott, 32
Shandon Nicole Scott, 32 (Photo: GoFundMe)

22.MILLCREEK, May 2 — Shandon Nicole Scott, 32, was shot 12 times at a townhome complex near 700 East and 2700 South. Minutes later, troopers responded to a crash on I-80. Emergency crews found Scott inside the wrecked vehicle but quickly realized her injuries were not caused by the crash. Boyfriend Terence Trent Vos, 31, of Salt Lake City, is charged with aggravated murder. Voss is a former Public Enemy No. 1 by the Metro Gang Unit with a lengthy criminal history including shootings. Friends of Scott described Vos as abusive toward her. In a phone call from jail, Vos mentioned having a fight with someone before saying, “I don’t even know what it was over” and “I just shot her,” charges say. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

23.WEST JORDAN, May 9 — Caesar Manenche, 19, was shot in the head and neck while driving near 7800 S. Redwood. His vehicle had 12 bullet holes. Police say the shooting was part of an ongoing, gang-related dispute. Zahid Cruz, of West Jordan, and Kevin Hernandez-Trinidad, of Sandy, both 16, are charged as adults with murder. Manenche’s girlfriend told investigators that he had been having problems with the two teens for two to three years because he had left their gang, Alleged motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

24.SALT LAKE CITY, May 17 — Bernardo Perez-Romero, 63, of Mexico, died after suffering a head injury during a fight with another man at a homeless camp near 235 S. Rio Grande. Juan Ayala Jr., 46, who goes by the moniker “Gorilla,” punched Perez in the face and knocked him to the ground, causing a skull fracture when his head hit the pavement, according to police. Perez died on May 21. Ayala is charged with homicide by assault. Police say it was one of three unprovoked fights he had been involved in that day. Alleged motive: Fight Methold: Beating

25, 26.UINTAH AND OURAY RESERVATION, May 19 — Matthew Keenan Colorow Tapoof is charged federally with two counts of murder in the second degree while in Indian Country. Prosecutors identified the two deceased people only by their initials: J.A. and B.C. and both were “enrolled members” of the Ute Indian Tribe. Court documents describe Tapoof as a “nonenrolled Native American.” He’s accused of fatally shooting two people who had knocked him to the ground and “were beating on him” somewhere within the boundaries of the Uintah and Ouray reservation about 2:30 a.m. He got up from the fight, walked to his car about 15 yards away and returned, shooting one person in the chest and another in the face, charges say. Alleged motive: Retaliation Method: Shooting

Paul Jason Adams, 46
Paul Jason Adams, 46 (Photo: GoFundMe)

27.KEARNS, May 20 — Paul Jason Adams, 46, was shot three times during an alleged payment dispute with another man at 4061 W. 5500 South. James Tom Hollingshead, 58, of Draper, is charged with murder. Charges say Hollingshead had told friends prior to the shooting that he needed to confront Adams “regarding payment for previous work.” Later, Adams approached the driver’s side window of Hollingshead’s vehicle and said “that he was going to punch him in the throat and be done with him,” when Hollingshead shot him, according to charges. A justification hearing to determine whether it was a case of self-defense is set for Jan. 5. Alleged motive: Money, fight Method: Shooting

Shawntell Smith, 49
Shawntell Smith, 49 (Photo: GoFundMe)

28.IVINS, Washington County, May 21 — Shawntell Smith, 49, of Ivins, was shot seven times in the back by her husband after telling him she was leaving him. Three of their four children were at home when their mother was shot. Steven Timothy Smith, 59, of Ivins, was convicted of murder by a jury that deliberated less than an hour. The gun belonged to Smith. Smith will be sentenced on Jan. 20. Motive: Domestic fight Method: Shooting

Lauren Hoover, 34
Lauren Hoover, 34 (Photo: Facebook)

29.SOUTH SALT LAKE, May 21 — Lauren Hoover, 34, of Murray, was shot and killed in a murder-suicide. Her body, and the body of Philip Gorst, 38, were found in Gorst’s home, 2889 S. Eugene Lane. Both died of gunshot wounds. Investigators believe Gorst shot Hoover before taking his own life. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

Ammon Blake, 16
Ammon Blake, 16 (Photo: GoFundMe)

30.SARATOGA SPRINGS, May 25 — Ammon Chandler Blake, 16, a student at Westlake High School, was making a left turn at the intersection of Redwood Road and Harvest Hills Boulevard when he was hit by a Mercedes 500 that ran a red light, according to police. Daniel Stanislav MacBeth, 28, is charged with manslaughter, DUI, being an alcohol-restricted driver, and driving on a suspended or revoked license. MacBeth was traveling between 84 mph and 99 mph at the time of the crash, according to charges. Alleged motive: Reckless driving Method: Vehicle

31.WEST VALLEY CITY, May 26 — Juan Jose Zamora Guerrero, 27, was found shot in the back seat of a car left in the parking lot of Granger Medical Clinic, 2965 W. 3500 South. After reviewing surveillance video, it was determined that the car was left there the night before by a 15-year-old. Michael Manuel Melara, 22, is charged with manslaughter. Prosecutors say Melara, Guerrero and the teen were together and Melara, who was doing drugs, kept playing with the hammer on his gun when he pointed it at Guerrero and it fired. Alleged motive: Negligence Method: Shooting

Ivan Nickolas "Nick" Vetecnik, 15
Ivan Nickolas “Nick” Vetecnik, 15 (Photo: Family photo)

32.TAYLORSVILLE, May 26 — Ivan Nickolas “Nick” Vetecnik, 15, was found dead in a cargo trailer in a backyard at 1623 Elsie Drive. Rowdy Lee Aguilar, 17, a friend of Vetecnik, allegedly stabbed Ivan in the head 26 times, dismembered him and buried his limbs in trash bags around a yard. Aguilar is charged as an adult with aggravated murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Stabbing

Clinton Duane Henry, 47
Clinton Duane Henry, 47 (Photo: Magleby Mortuary)

33.RICHFIELD, May 27 — Clinton Duane Henrie, 47, of Richfield, was killed when another vehicle crashed into his car head-on. Lesia Ann Allred, 53, of Cedar City, is charged with murder. Allred, who was driving a Chevy Tahoe, crossed into oncoming traffic and hit a Chevy Malibu near 300 North 100 East. Police believe Allred was suicidal and purposely drove into oncoming traffic. Alleged motive: Suicide attempt Method: Vehicle

Omar Isael Gomez Salazar, 28
Omar Isael Gomez Salazar, 28 (Photo: GoFundMe)

34.MAGNA, May 29 — Omar Isael Gomez Salazar, 28, of Colorado, was shot during a BBQ at 8270 W. Westbury Drive. Juan Alvarez, 44, of Magna, had been arguing on the phone with Salazar and when Salazar arrived at the house, Alvarez shot him as soon as he got out of the car, charges say. He then allegedly walked over and kicked him before walking away. Alvarez was arrested in Millard County following a police chase and is charged with murder. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

Malik Saeed, 19
Malik Saeed, 19 (Photo: Arianne Belle)

35.SALT LAKE CITY, May 29 — Malik Saeed, 19, was shot just after midnight at 2393 E. 1700 South while attending a friend’s birthday party. Saeed was shot at least six times during an altercation at the front door with another man, police said. His mother believes he encountered the shooter(s) as he opened the door. No arrests have been made. Family members say others at the party have refused to speak out. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

Camden David Hales, 16
Camden David Hales, 16 (Photo: Walker Sanderson Funeral Home)

36.OREM, June 2 — Camden Hales, 16, of Orem, was killed and two other people were injured in what police say was a drug deal gone bad. Brothers Sidney Ramon Rodriguez, 18, and Andre Rodriguez, 16, both of Spanish Fork, are charged as adults with murder. The two met with four teens to conduct a drug deal, but Andre Rodriguez came up to the car the teens were in and pointed a rifle into the window, according to police. A struggle ensued as others grabbed the gun barrel and shots were fired. More shots from a handgun were fired as the teens attempted to drive away. Three of the car’s four occupants were shot, including the former Timpanogos High student. The fourth person was grazed by a bullet. Alleged motive: Robbery, drugs Method: Shooting

Joey Michael Duran, 30
Joey Michael Duran, 30 (Photo: GoFundMe)

37.TAYLORSVILLE, June 4 — Joey Michael Duran, 30, was shot during a confrontation in the parking lot of the Atherton Park apartment complex, 4545 S. Atherton Drive. Lehi Alexander Morantes, 26, of Taylorsville, is charged with murder. Two others were charged with obstructing justice. Investigators believe the incident started a week earlier when a man was killed in a crash while fleeing from police. After that man’s funeral, Duran and others went to the apartment to confront a woman who was a passenger in the man’s car at the time of the fatal crash. During the heated confrontation, Morantes was on a second-floor balcony with a gun. Duran yelled and dared Morantes to shoot him. Morantes then fired five rounds, killing Duran, according to charges. Alleged motive: Unknown fight Method: Shooting

Sean Amone, 20
Sean Amone, 20 (Photo: Obituare)

38.SALT LAKE CITY, June 6 — Sean Amone, 20, of Salt Lake City, was killed and four others critically injured — all newly or recently graduated from West High School — during a drive-by shooting at a graduation party at 1354 N. General Drive. A 15-year-old boy is charged in juvenile court with murder. Police say earlier that evening, there was a fight at another graduation party near Trolley Square that included an exchange of gunfire and one boy was shot in the leg. The 15-year-old later admitted to police he was involved in a fistfight at Trolley Square and helped drive the injured teen to a local clinic, police say. The 15-year-old then met with another group who stated, “Any Polynesians from Rose Park are getting smoked,” according to a search warrant. The drive-by shooting occurred about 90 minutes later. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

Kelly Glaubensklee, 19
Kelly Glaubensklee, 19 (Photo: GoFundMe)

39.SOUTH JORDAN, June 6 — Kelly Glaubensklee, 19, a former Jordan High School football player, was shot while attending a house party at 1472 W. 11400 South where several uninvited guests showed up. Police say Anthony Dominic Rendon, 18, was at the party with three others, including a 17-year-old who got into a fight with Glaubensklee and others at the house. The four left but returned minutes later and another fight broke out. The group went to leave a second time, but people surrounded the car and started kicking it. Rendon, who police say has gang ties, is charged with murder after allegedly leaning out the back seat window, pointing a gun at the group and firing 13 rounds, hitting Glaubensklee in the chest. Motive: Unknown fight Method: Shooting

Ake Fulilangi, 31
Ake Fulilangi, 31 (Photo:

40.WEST VALLEY CITY, June 8 — Ake Fulilangi, 31, was sitting in an SUV with a woman near 3300 South and 4350 West when another vehicle pulled up and someone inside the car began glaring at Fulilangi in an intimidating manner. Moments later, police say Lolo Latu, 26, stepped out and shot Fulilangi in the chest and leg. Latu, who was first sentenced to prison for aggravated robbery when he was only 16, is charged with murder. Prosecutors say Latu “cannot refrain from assaultive behavior.” Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

Joseph Lenord Salas, 49
Joseph Lenord Salas, 49 (Photo: Family photo)

41.SALT LAKE CITY, June 9 — The body of Joseph Lenord Salas, 49, was found partially submerged in the Jordan River near the Utah State Fairpark at 1300 W. North Temple. Police are treating the man’s death as a homicide after seeing wounds on his body but have not released how he was killed. A private investigator said Salas and his wife had just been to the liquor store when they parted ways and he was headed to his sister’s house. The family suspects he was assaulted under the North Temple overpass because his red backpack was missing. No arrests have been made in the case. Motive: Unknown Method: Unknown

42.SALT LAKE CITY, June 10 — Rezek Yaqub Yahya, 39, was shot by Salt Lake police in Pioneer Park. Yahya had allegedly just stabbed a woman in the park. As police were walking toward Yahya to question him, he began running toward an officer while holding a knife. Yahya was shot by officers Darren Austill and Nathan Harward. The shooting was determined to be legally justified by the district attorney. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

Englandsienna Pauulu, 22
Englandsienna Pauulu, 22 (Photo: GoFundMe)

43.SALT LAKE CITY, June 13 — Englandsienna Pauulu, 22, was shot in the chest outside a club at 125 W. 300 South. Pauulu and another man had just left the club when Jaime Dirzo-Portugal, 22, of Salt Lake City, “shoulder bumped” him as he walked by. Police say the two started fighting and Dirzo-Portugal showed him a gun, which later fell out of his waistband. Pauulu was hitting Dirzo-Portugal when the man told Alex Ruiz-Martinez, 16, to shoot Pauulu, charges say. Both are charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

Fred Valdamar Ortiz, 41
Fred Valdamar Ortiz, 41 (Photo: Peel Funeral Home)

44.MAGNA, June 14 — Fred Valdamar Ortiz, 41, of Magna, was beaten in a parking lot near 3600 South and 8400 West. Easton Esparsa, 19, of South Jordan; Xandre Skye Daniel Hill, 18, of Sandy; and Osyeanna Maria Martinez, 21, of Salt Lake City, are each charged with homicide by assault. The three are accused of following Ortiz and beating him with wooden blocks and a pole because they believed Ortiz had earlier assaulted his wife. Alleged motive: Retaliation Method: Beating

Spencer Kimball Moody, 67
Spencer Kimball Moody, 67 (Photo: Tribute Archive)
Janalee Gubler Moody, 67
Janalee Gubler Moody, 67 (Photo: Hughes Mortuary)

45, 46. ST. GEORGE, June 18 — Spencer Kimball Moody, 67, and his wife Janalee Gubler Moody, 67, of Enterprise, were killed when their car was hit by another driver. The couple was pulling out of the Sunset Corner Shopping Center onto Bluff Street when they were hit by William Allen Nunn, 49, of St. George, who police say was driving up to 33 mph faster than the posted speed limit. Nunn is charged with two counts of manslaughter. Alleged motive: Reckless driving Method: Vehicle

Willie T. Salazar, 33
Willie T. Salazar, 33 (Photo: Neil O’Donnell Funeral Home)

47.MURRAY, June 22 — Willie T. Salazar, 33, was shot by Murray police. Officers had responded to a report of domestic violence between a mother and her adult son at 811 E. Vine Street. The mother told dispatchers that “she believed her son was going to kill her,” according to police. Following some kind of confrontation, shots were exchanged. One officer was shot in the leg. Court records indicate that Salazar had a long history of domestic violence against his mother. The district attorney is reviewing the case to determine whether the shooting was legally justified. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

48.MIDVALE, June 27 — Tyler Williams, 30, was shot and killed following a long argument in the parking lot of a Motel 6, 7263 Catalpa Street. Lorenzo Deanleo Parker, 26, who arrived in Utah just a month earlier from Alabama for work, is charged with murder. Witnesses told police the men had been fighting over the course of many hours, even stopping at one point and shaking hands before resuming their fight a couple of hours later. Police say Parker had been following Williams and antagonizing him and say Williams was “backing away” when Parker pulled the trigger. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

49.GUNNISON, June 27 — Dale Lee Rush, 66, an inmate at the Central Utah Correctional Facility, was pronounced dead in his cell. In December, Steven Dennis Skinner, 39, was charged with aggravated murder. But the Sanpete County Attorney’s Office won’t say how Rush was killed. Skinner is serving time for aggravated sexual assault and Rush had been incarcerated since 2001 for sodomy, rape and sexual abuse of a child. Motive: Unknown Method: Unknown

Masako Kenley, 53
Masako Kenley, 53 (Photo: GoFundMe)

50.SANDY, July 2 — Masako Yamada Kenley, 53, was shot twice and stabbed four times and her body dumped in a thick brush area along the Jordan River in Sandy. William Richard O’Reilly, 75, of South Jordan, is charged with murder. Police say Kenley and O’Reilly may have had an affair for 16 years, and for the last months of her life O’Reilly had been stalking and blackmailing her and had placed a GPS device on her vehicle. Police found O’Reilly in a hospital July 5 after an apparent suicide attempt. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting, stabbing

Christopher Thomas Senn, 19
Christopher Thomas Senn, 19 (Photo: Independent Funeral Service)

51.SALT LAKE CITY, July 4 — Christopher Thomas Senn, 19, was stabbed during a confrontation at Liberty Park. John Emanuel Banuelos, 38, was initially detained, but later released when it appeared it was a case of self-defense. The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office declined to file any criminal charges. Both Salt Lake police and the district attorney have declined to provide details about the incident but in Senn’s obituary, the family says he “became a victim of a senseless act of violence protecting his friend.” Motive: Self-defense Method: Stabbing

Michael Vincent, 57
Michael Vincent, 57 (Photo: Facebook)

52.MAGNA, July 6 — Michael Vincent, 57, was shot and killed at Vincent’s House of Goju, 9145 W. Main in Magna, the martial arts studio where he lived. His wife, Cynthia Vincent, 41, was arrested for investigation of murder but claimed she was acting in self-defense. She told police she pointed the gun at her husband after he assaulted and choked her, then shot him when he lunged at her. Formal charges have not been filed against her as the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office determines whether they believe the shooting meets the legal standard for self-defense. Motive: Unknown domestic, possible self-defense Method: Shooting

Fernando Amaya-Higareda, 23
Fernando Amaya-Higareda, 23 (Photo:

53.KEARNS, July 6 — Fernando Amaya-Higareda, 23, was shot while in his truck near 5300 West and 5600 South. Police say he rolled up to where two boys, ages 15 and 16, were pushing a bike down a sidewalk and words were exchanged, such as “something about having or wanting any ‘beef,'” charges state. As he started to drive away, the 15-year-old pulled a gun out of his backpack and fired four rounds. The teen is charged in juvenile court with murder. He has had several run-ins with police, including being charged with choking a woman and punching her in the face. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

Zaydanielys Rodriguez, 7
Zaydanielys Rodriguez, 7 (Photo: GoFundMe)

54.HEBER CITY, July 10 — Zaydanielys Rodriguez, 7, was shot by a stray bullet fired from a neighboring apartment that went through two walls and struck her as she lay in bed. Zaydanielys had moved to Heber City with her family from Puerto Rico just 11 months earlier. Christopher Robert O’Connell, 34, of Heber City, is charged with murder. Police say he was with two co-workers and two women in an adjacent apartment. The women said O’Connell was making unwanted sexual advances and waving his handgun around while he and his co-workers were “incredibly intoxicated,” a police affidavit says. Alleged motive: Negligence Method: Shooting

Lance Moorhead, 13
Lance Moorhead, 13 (Photo: GoFundMe)

55.WEST JORDAN, July 17 — Lance Moorhead, 13, was shot while playing with a gun with a 15-year-old friend. The boys had sneaked out of their homes and met at a church parking lot, 5208 W. Cyclamen Way, about 1:45 a.m. While playing with the gun, the 15-year-old accidentally shot his friend. Police believe the shooting was a tragic accident, but said the 15-year-old does hold some criminal culpability and arrested him for investigation of manslaughter. But no formal charges have been filed. Alleged motive: Accident Method: Shooting

Nevada Escholt, 42
Nevada Escholt, 42 (Photo: The Memories)

56.SALT LAKE CITY, July 20 — Nevada Escholt, 42, was found dead inside an apartment, 1660 W. 800 North, following an exchange of gunfire and a nearly four-hour standoff. Police were originally called to the area on a report of a suicidal person. It is unknown if Escholt shot himself or died by police gunfire. That information is expected to be released when the district attorney determines whether the officer’s use of deadly force was legally justified. Bodycam video shows Escholt firing a shot at police who had been trying to make contact with him. An officer fired back and Escholt fired another shot. He was found dead hours later. Motive: Possible Justified defense Method: Shooting

57.GUNNISON, Aug. 5 — William Fowers, 60, an inmate at the Central Utah Correctional Facility, was involved in an altercation. Details about the fight, what kind of injuries Fowers sustained and his cause of death have not been released – similar to another homicide there in June. Corrections officials said charges against an undisclosed person are currently being screened. Fowers was serving time for sodomy on a child and aggravated kidnapping stemming from a 1986 conviction. Motive: Unknown fight Method: Unknown

Yovani Nieto Arellano, 29
Yovani Nieto Arellano, 29 (Photo:

58.MILLVILLE, Cache County, Aug. 12 — Yovani Nieto Arellano, 29, of Logan, was shot at a construction site by a co-worker, according to police. Lorenzo Tena-Vasquez, 59, of Logan, claimed Arellano had threatened him while at work. Tena-Vasquez then left the construction site to go home, returned several hours later with a gun and shot Arellano six or seven times while the man was talking on his phone, charges say. He claimed it was in self-defense, saying he shot Arellano before Arellano could get to him first, according to police. Tena-Vasquez is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

Ivan Valenzuela, 18
Ivan Valenzuela, 18 (Photo: GoFundMe)

59, 60.MAGNA, Aug. 15 — Juan Valentine Rodriguez, 19, and Ivan Valenzuela, 18, were both shot at a house party at 3623 S. Evening Light Cove. An 18-year-old girl was also injured. Police estimate 30 to 50 teenagers came to the party and said it was apparent that many of them were drunk. No arrests have been made in the double homicide. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

61.SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 17 — Nicole Carter, 31, was shot while trying to bicycle away from her girlfriend. The two were riding bikes about 3:30 a.m. when they got into a “heated verbal argument” and began yelling obscenities at each other, charges say. Patrice Ann Winward, 31, said she fired several rounds at Carter near 900 W. South Temple allegedly to prevent her from leaving, according to police. She is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight, domestic Method: Shooting

Kylen Schulte, 24, and Crystal Turner, 38
Kylen Schulte, 24, and Crystal Turner, 38 (Photo: Instagram)

62, 63.MOAB, Aug. 18 — Kylen “Ky” Carrol Schulte, 24, and Crystal Michelle Turner, 38, both of Moab, were found dead at their campsite in the La Sal Mountains. The women, who were recently married, called friends while they were camping to say they were moving to another campsite because of a “weirdo camping near them that was freaking them out.” Their half-naked bodies were found several days later after the two failed to show up for work and a co-worker went looking for them. Both were shot to death. The killings sparked an outcry from Moab residents when the Grand County Sheriff’s Office announced it was an isolated incident and there was no threat to the public, but had not made any arrests or released any information about possible suspects or a motive. No arrests have been made. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

64.STOCKTON, Aug. 26 — The body of Ajmal Mullahkhel, 34, of West Valley City, was found in Stockton. The Tooele County Sheriff’s Office is treating the death as a homicide but has not said how he died. Esperanza Elizabeth Chavez, 23, and Larry Williams, 40, picked him up the morning he went missing, police say, and are considered persons of interest in the case. Motive: Unknown Method: Unknown

Paul Rasmussen, 48
Paul Rasmussen, 48 (Photo: Sundberg-Olpin & Wheeler Mortuary)

65.OREM, Aug. 24 — Paul Rasmussen, 48, of Orem, was shot by police multiple times after he allegedly pointed a gun at officers. Rasmussen, who had fled from police minutes earlier, was spotted by two detectives working with the Utah County Major Crimes Task Force. One was a Utah County sheriff’s deputy, the other a Pleasant Grove police officer. As both men stepped out of their car to question Rasmussen, he exited his vehicle and drew a gun, prompting officers to shoot, according to police. The Utah County attorney has not yet ruled whether the shooting was legally justified. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

Rodney Logan Barton, 42
Rodney Logan Barton, 42 (Photo: Facebook)

66.GRANTSVILLE, Aug. 25 — Rodney Logan Barton, 42, of Grantsville, was shot by police after allegedly running at officers with a knife. Barton had just been charged with numerous counts of sexually exploiting a minor days earlier and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Members of the Internet Crimes Against Children task force were out that night looking for him. After Barton was spotted, he initially refused to pull over and led officers on a chase. After coming to an abrupt stop, Barton exited his vehicle, raised a knife near his head and charged at Grantsville Police Cpl. James Terrill who was behind him. Barton was 3 to 4 feet away from Terrill when the officer fired twice, according to the Tooele County Attorney’s Office, which determined Terrill was legally justified. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

Abdourazak Mouhoumed, 18
Abdourazak Mouhoumed, 18 (Photo: GoFundMe)

67.SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 29 — Abdourazak Mouhoumed, 18, was shot over a bottle of alcohol, police say. He was at a party at the home of Levon Garo Meguerditchian, 609 E. Wilmington Ave., when he and some friends allegedly stole a bottle of alcohol. As Mouhoumed was driving away with it, police say Meguerditchian, 38, fired several shots at the vehicle, striking and killing Mouhoumed. He then forced others to pick up the shell casings and go back into the house where he held them hostage at gunpoint for 30 minutes until police had come and gone, charges say. He allegedly told officers the shots were fireworks and Mouhoumed’s body wasn’t discovered until hours later. Meguerditchian is charged with murder and five counts of aggravated kidnapping. Alleged motive: Retaliation Method: Shooting

Bonne RaChelle Brady, 54
Bonne RaChelle Brady, 54 (Photo:

68, 69.MILLCREEK, Sept. 3 — Bonne RaChelle Brady, 54, and Timothy Andrew Legrande, 53, were shot inside their home near 3900 S. Highland Drive, prompting an all-night standoff with a SWAT team. Jacob Andrew Legrande, 30, Timothy Legrande’s son, who is believed to have killed the couple, was later found dead inside the house with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police believe the couple may have been trying to have an intervention and get mental health assistance to Jacob Legrande at the time of the shootings. When they first arrived, police rescued an elderly woman from the home while coming under gunfire. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shootings

Joseph Anthony Manhard, 32
Joseph Anthony Manhard, 32 (Photo: Premier Funeral Services)

70.FARMINGTON, Sept. 10 — Joseph Anthony Manhard, 32, was shot by a police sniper after he broke into a Farmington home at random and held a family hostage for hours. The wild string of events began with a carjacking and a police chase from Clearfield to Farmington. While fleeing, Manhard found an open basement window at 1645 S. Tuscany Grove Circle and crawled in. He then held a mother, her daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend hostage at gunpoint for nearly seven hours. Police had surrounded the house while he remained inside. The standoff ended when a Salt Lake police SWAT team member shot Manhard as he stepped out of the house. The shooting was determined to be legally justified by the county attorney. Motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

71.BEAVER, Sept. 23 — Journey-Lyric Downey, 23 days old, died due to shaken baby syndrome, according to prosecutors. His mother, Tawna Steed, 32, of Beaver, is charged with aggravated murder. The baby’s father told police he had seen Steed shake the infant on two occasions and once say her shaking the child “vigorously” and yelling for the “stupid baby to stop crying,” charges say. Alleged motive: Frustration, domestic Method: Shaking

72.SILVER SUMMIT, Summit County, Sept. 29 — Daisha Reynolds, 19, of Salt Lake City, was ejected and killed when the car she was a passenger in rolled several times while attempting to flee from police. Charles Dwight Caster, 22, also of Salt Lake City, had stolen a car and was attempting to get away from officers from several agencies on U.S. 40 when he went off the road and rolled while attempting to avoid tire spikes set up by deputies, according to charges. Troopers say he was traveling between 92 mph and 103 mph when he crashed. Caster was also ejected from the vehicle and critically injured. He is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fleeing, negligence Method: Vehicle

Aaron Marquez Lowe, 21
Aaron Marquez Lowe, 21 (Photo: University of Utah)

73.SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 26 — Aaron Marquez Lowe, 21, of Mesquite, Texas, a member of the University of Utah football team, was shot and killed while leaving a team party just hours after the U. defeated Washington State. Following a verbal fight with others who wouldn’t move out of the way of Lowe’s car so he could leave, police say Buk Mawut Buk, 22, of Taylorsville, fired multiple rounds at Lowe and his girlfriend, hitting them both. Buk then walked up to Lowe while he was on the ground and fired several more shots, killing Lowe, charges say. Lowe’s girlfriend was critically injured. Buk, who has a violent criminal history, is charged with aggravated murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

Shane Michael Davis, 38
Shane Michael Davis, 38 (Photo: Southern Utah Mortuary)

74.MINERSVILLE, Beaver County, Sept. 27 — Shane Michael Davis, 38, of Minersville, was shot in the chest at 388 W. 100 South. Police say Victoria Elyse Woerth, 28, of Minersville — who identifies herself as Davis’ wife on Facebook — conspired with Mike Allen Miller, 25, also of Minersville, to have Davis killed and make it look like an accident so that Miller and Woerth could be together. The Beaver County Attorney’s Office said the gun Miller allegedly used appears to have been obtained lawfully. Both Woerth and Miller are charged with aggravated murder and conspiracy to commit aggravated murder. Police say text messages show that “the promise of remuneration is the house.” Alleged motive: Love triangle, domestic Method: Shooting

75.MURRAY, Sept. 29 — Carlos Jhovany Huerta-Garcia, 22, was found just inside the front door of a home at 125 E. 4800 South with a gunshot wound. His girlfriend, Vanessa Lucia Arnold, 40, who was in the home at the time of the shooting, was arrested for investigation of obstructing justice. Murray police have not released the identity of the suspected gunman, but say he was arrested in Nevada. Police say surveillance video shows Arnold “going back and forth from the residence to a camper trailer multiple times with a male for over an hour prior to the shooting.” The male has been identified as a family member who was “seen on video leaving the scene in a vehicle seconds after the gunshot,” a police affidavit says. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

76.OGDEN, Oct. 2 — A man who police have so far only identified as J.B., 30, was shot following a confrontation at an apartment at 240 N. 180 East. Police say Dustin Wayne Smith, 33, of Midvale, went there to meet a woman “and an altercation ensued” and J.B. was shot in the head, then Smith fled. Smith claimed that he threw the firearm near the 12th Street on-ramp to I-15 and then abandoned his car in Box Elder County, charges state. He has not been charged with the shooting, but is charged with possession of a firearm by a restricted person and two counts of obstructing justice. Barry Lenard Bingham, 41, of Bluffdale, is also charged with obstructing justice after allegedly spraying the inside and outside of Smith’s vehicle with a liquid cleanser, possibly bleach, in an effort to destroy evidence. Bingham is also accused of driving Smith to southern Utah after the shooting to help him avoid arrest. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

Farrell Bartschi, 82
Farrell Bartschi, 82 (Photo: Dignity Memorial)

77.WEST VALLEY CITY, Oct. 4 — Farrell Bartschi, 82, of West Valley City, was shot in front of a residence near 3800 South and 4200 West. Police believe Noel Munoz Lopez, 34, of Kearns, was in the area at the time of the shooting. Criminal charges have been filed against Lopez and a warrant issued for his arrest, but West Valley police have declined to say what charges, noting that the information has been sealed. A $4,000 reward has also been issued for information leading to his arrest. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

Jeremy Jacob Hansen, 17
Jeremy Jacob Hansen, 17 (Photo: Deseret News)

78.WEST JORDAN, Oct. 4 — Jacob Jeremy Hansen, 17, was shot in the chest during a robbery attempt at his house, 3517 W. 8245 South. Cody Elijah Ivory, 19, of West Jordan; Wilbur Allen Kerney III, 19, of Salt Lake City; and Sailor Tenley Noel, 19, of Taylorsville, are each charged with murder. Police believe Ivory went to Hansen’s house under the guise of buying drugs but actually intended to rob him. When Hansen wouldn’t let Ivory into his house, shots were exchanged by both parties. Alleged motive: Robbery, drugs Method: Shooting

79.PARK CITY, Oct. 7 — John Krieg, 50, of Park City, was shot during an alleged drunken argument with his landlord. James Kip Ramsdell, 58, of Park City, is charged with murder. Ramsdell owns a home and rented his basement to Krieg and two other tenants. One tenant told police Ramsdell and Krieg had been arguing and at some point Ramsdell said, “We need to kill him or something,” according to charges. Following another fight, the tenant found Krieg dead outside but said he was afraid to call police. Krieg also had numerous injuries to his face, police say. Alleged motive: Fight, domestic Method: Shooting

Hailee York, 21
Hailee York, 21 (Photo: Wing Mortuary)
Ashlyn Hanzon, 21
Ashlyn Hanzon, 21 (Photo: Clayton Funeral Home and Crematory)

80, 81.OREM, Oct. 15 — Hailee York, 21, of Lehi, and Ashlyn Hanzon, 21, of Pearland, Texas, both students at Brigham Young University, were killed when their car was hit by another driver trying to “beat the light,” according to police. Ceasar Castellon-Flores, 20, of Orem is charged with two counts of manslaughter. The women were making a left turn onto 400 South when Castellon-Flores — who investigators say increased his speed up to 73 mph when the traffic signal turned yellow — smashed into their Chevy Malibu. The speed limit in that area is 40 mph. Castellon-Flores allegedly did not have a valid driver’s license. Alleged motive: Reckless driving Method: Vehicle

Thy Hoang Vu, 33
Thy Hoang Vu, 33 (Photo: GoFundMe)

82.SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 16 — Thy Hoang Vu, 33, of Salt Lake City, was killed when her car was hit by a truck trying to get away from a North Salt Lake police officer. Vu was also known as Thy Vu Mims, co-founder and owner of Mims Bakery. Christian Cody Facer, 39, of Clinton, ran a stop sign in a Fairpark residential area at the intersection of 1200 West and 500 North, according to police. His F-250 truck smashed into the driver’s side of Vu’s 2014 Nissan Pathfinder. Facer who has a history of drunk driving and fleeing police, is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fleeing, negligence Method: Vehicle

Gabriela Sifuentes Castilla, 38
Gabriela Sifuentes Castilla, 38 (Photo: GoFundMe)

83.TAYLORSVILLE, Oct. 17 — Gabriela Sifuentes Castilla, 38, was shot multiple times and killed in the entryway of her home at 5222 S. Autumn Park Drive (2310 West). Castilla is better known as Gaby Ramos, a radio host for a local Spanish-language radio station called La Mas Picosita (KMRI 1550 AM), and was a well-known member of the Hispanic community. Manuel Omar Burciaga-Perea, 34, a former boyfriend, is charged with aggravated murder. Police believe he fled to Mexico shortly after the shooting and he has not been located. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Shooting

Isaiah Valerio, 21
Isaiah Valerio, 21 (Photo: GoFundMe)

84.SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 24 — Isaiah Valerio, 21, was shot and killed at a Halloween party in a warehouse at 548 W. 600 South. Police say Roy Anthony Duran, 20, of West Jordan, had been trying to fight other partygoers all night. At one point, Duran hit Valerio who had done nothing to provoke an assault, charges state. That prompted several people to go after Duran. Police say Duran then withdrew a gun from his waistband and shot Valerio while he was helping another girl who had been punched in the stomach. Duran turned himself in two days later and is charged with murder. Alleged motive: Fight Method: Shooting

85.WEST VALLEY CITY, Nov. 1 — A 99-year-old woman identified only as M.C. was brutally beaten and stabbed at 3360 S. Greenmont Drive. Her grandson, Garman Shaun Cunningham, 50, of West Valley City, is charged with aggravated murder and aggravated kidnapping. M.C.’s body has not been found. Investigators believe Cunningham may have disposed of his grandma’s body somewhere in Kamas after killing her. Police found out about the homicide on Nov. 12 after Cunningham’s wife, who they say had been held captive and tortured since M.C.’s death, was able to escape and run to a neighbor’s house. Cunningham is accused of trying to smother his grandmother with a pillow and then beating her with his fists before throwing her down a flight of stairs three times and stabbing her in the neck. Both West Valley police and the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office have declined to release the missing woman’s name. Motive: Unknown domestic Method: Beating, stabbing

Oscar Avila, 28
Oscar Avila, 28 (Photo: GoFundMe)

86.MIDVALE, Nov. 6 — Oscar Avila, 28, of Midvale, was shot and killed at 145 E. Fort Union Blvd. by members of a rival gang while attending a family wedding at the Ganesh Center, police say. Three men from a rival gang showed up at the wedding and began arguing with wedding guests. After the uninvited men left, Avila and others followed them to the parking lot. There, the unwanted guests were joined by a fourth person and a fight ensued between that group and Avila’s group, which ended with Guillermo William Herrera, 19, of Salt Lake City, shooting Avila while he was still on the ground, police said. Herrera — who has a long and violent criminal history and was already awaiting sentencing for a prior shooting that left a man paralyzed — is charged with murder. Three other men face weapons charges, including one who was convicted of manslaughter when he was 15. Alleged motive: Fight, gangs Method: Shooting

87.OGDEN, Nov. 9 — One man was shot and killed and another injured by gunshots, but Ogden police have not released the man’s name. Police were called to 125 Patterson Street and found the two men on the ground outside. Another man believed to have been involved in the incident later surrendered to police, but his information has not been released either. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

88.OREM, Nov. 28 — Michael Smith, 41, of Pleasant Grove, was shot by police after allegedly attacking his 68-year-old father with a knife in the area of 1100 South and 50 East. After officers were called and attempted to arrest Smith, police say he charged at the officers while holding weapons in both hands and was shot by at least one officer. Investigators have not said what weapons Smith was holding. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

Anei Gabriel Joker, 20
Anei Gabriel Joker, 20 (Photo: Salt Lake County Jail)

89.TAYLORSVILLE, Dec. 1 — Anei Gabriel Joker, 20, was killed in a shootout with police that also resulted in two officers being shot and injured. The shooting was the culmination of a standoff that took place in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven, 4110 S. Redwood. Officers from multiple jurisdictions were working an operation that night looking for several suspects, including Joker. Police boxed in his vehicle and shot pepper balls into the SUV that Joker refused to come out of. He exited the vehicle with a gun in his hand and officers unleashed a barrage of gunfire. A West Valley officer was shot twice and released from the hospital after a few days. A Unified officer who was also shot was treated and released the same night. Alleged motive: Justified defense Method: Shooting

Linda Kay Jonides, 57
Linda Kay Jonides, 57 (Photo: Smith-Nelson Funeral Home, Tomah, WI)

90.SANDY, Dec. 10 — Linda Kay Jonides, 57, of Sandy, was shot and killed in her home at 477 E. Montana Drive (11335 South) in what police say was a “culmination of an abusive relationship.” Husband William Matthew Jonides, 57, is charged with murder and told police he and his wife were arguing “and he grabbed her shoulders and she started screaming. It made him angry when she started screaming so he picked the gun up off the bed and shot her,” charges say. Police say he told them he forced his wife to sleep on the floor and shot her with a shotgun at close range. Alleged motive: Fight, domestic Method: Shooting

Salt Lake police respond to a fatal shooting at 310 S. 900 East on Dec. 10, 2021.
Salt Lake police respond to a fatal shooting at 310 S. 900 East on Dec. 10, 2021. (Photo: Salt Lake City Police Department)

91.SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 10 — Christopher James Taylor, 32, was shot outside a gas station at 310 S. 900 East following an argument with another man. Salt Lake police say the gunman was arrested in Oregon on unrelated charges and will be extradited back to Utah. He has not yet been charged and his name has not been released. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

Adalid Serrano Robles, 22
Adalid Serrano Robles, 22 (Photo: Serenity Funeral Home)

92.SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 11 — Adalid Serrano-Robles, 22, was shot and killed near 900 E. Edison Street (995 South) during a confrontation between groups. No arrests have been made. Motive: Fight Method: Shooting

93.CLINTON, Dec. 17 — Christopher Anthony Alexander, 32, was shot by police after allegedly stabbing two people. Alexander arrived home to the area of 1700 North and 1300 West and got into a fight with another man who was in the basement and stabbed him multiple times, police said. A neighbor heard the commotion and went outside her house where she was also stabbed. Officers responding to the area located Alexander, and shots were fired after confronting him. Details about what prompted police to shoot have not been released. Alleged motive: Justified self-defense Method: Shooting

94.SOUTH SALT LAKE, Dec. 18 — Cherokee Aiko, 26, of Kearns, was shot twice in the parking lot of a South Salt Lake strip club, 3420 S. State. Romalice Latrell Williams, 36, is charged with murder. Williams had allegedly stolen a cellphone belonging to Aiko’s friend and shot Aiko as he was trying to get his friend’s phone back, charges state. Motive: Unknown Method: Shooting

Kenneth Gant, 16
Kenneth Gant, 16 (Photo: GoFundMe)

95.WEST JORDAN, Dec. 24 — Kenneth Gant, 16, of West Jordan, was shot multiple times and killed behind a storage container in the parking lot of the Gene Fullmer Fitness and Recreation Center, 8015 S. 2200 West. Police say Gant was lured to the park by two others under the guise of possibly joining their gang. Jedediah Zane Newsome, 18, and a 17-year-old boy were arrested for investigation of murder. Police say Newsome told them he thought Gant was in a rival gang and became upset when Gant wouldn’t admit it. Police say Newsome claimed the teenager shot Gant twice, then he took the gun from the 17-year-old and shot Gant two more times. Alleged motive: Gangs Method: Shooting

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