Memorialize sacrifice in Afghanistan on National Mall 💥💥

America’s current and former service members punctuated 20 years of American boots on the ground in Afghanistan with remarkable displays of valor and service.

American service members braved ISIS-K attacks so that Americans and Afghans alike could escape to freedom. Our warriors, clad in battle gear, tenderly consoled Afghan children. Veterans who left the battlefield long ago rushed to rescue their Afghan interpreters and allies. This bravery embodies the mission-first attitude our troops have held during the entirety of the global war on terrorism. All of them – and their families – deserve a place of healing on the National Mall commensurate with their heroism.

I say this as more than an ordinary concerned citizen.

In 2018, my husband, Army Major Brent Taylor, gave his life for our country in Afghanistan, leaving me and our seven children behind. Even in the dark nights that have followed, we’ve continued to honor his sacrifice – just as many Gold Star families have done. But I worry that the departure of American troops from Afghanistan will also mean the departure of their sacrifices from our collective American memory. I’m struck by the fact that none of my own children were alive when al-Qaida’s great acts of evil set in motion the American military response in Afghanistan we’ve just ended.

Memorialize sacrifice in Afghanistan on National Mall

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