St. Louis’ Forest Park honors thousands of 9/11 heroes with ‘Flags of Valor’ display 💥💥

On the day marking 20 years since the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, St. Louis’ Forest Park is paying tribute to the heroes who lost their lives that day, as well as the servicemen and women who went to war soon after, by displaying more than 7,500 American flags.

The tribute display revealed earlier this week, put on by Flags of Valor – a veteran-owned, veteran-operated, and veteran-made company – will remain on Art Hill in St. Louis through Sept. 12.


Attached to each flag is the name of a victim who lost their lives as a result of the attacks, whether on the ground in America or in the war overseas.

“While many vowed to never forget, we took it upon ourselves to forever remember,” Flags of Valor wrote in an online post corresponding with the display. “Inspired by the heroes of September 11th and the ensuing war on terror, Flags of Valor pays tribute to the first responders and victims of the 9/11 attacks and honors the service members who bravely defended our nation.”

On Friday, around sunset, an event was held at the park where the name of each life that was lost was read aloud and, in between each name, a bell was rung in their memory.


Sheila and Don Tracy, who lost their son in the war following the attacks, traveled from Palestine, Ill., to St. Louis in an attempt to find their son’s flag displayed among the rest, according to St. Louis’ Fox 2 News.

“He went to boot camp and then he went to Iraq,” Don Tracy told the local news affiliate. “He was only over there about two and a half months when we lost him.”

Following the display, organizers for the event will make an attempt to send each flag to the family members of those who perished.

St. Louis’ Forest Park honors thousands of 9/11 heroes with ‘Flags of Valor’ display

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