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No matter how much time passes, his figure continues to inspire and amaze some and his career and personal life reflect others. THE eyeliner the black that made her look “talk”, the platinum hair that distinguished her and highlighted her, the drawn mouth that spoke a little but smiled a lot… History says that she always slept naked, immersed in Chanel perfume n.º5 . That she was naive, correct, liked by many, but comforted by few. 60 years ago, Norma Jeane Mortenson – the young woman who conquered the world as Marilyn Monroe, immortalized as a “myth”, a star, a goddess and an icon of beauty – died at the age of 36. More than half a century later, questions still hang over the bed in her spacious bedroom in Los Angeles, California, where she was found dead in the early hours of August 5, 1962.

“What happened that night?” Was it suicide? Accident? Or something worse? ”, Is the“ journey ”of the new documentary directed by Emma Cooper, which premiered on April 27 on the platform of Netflix broadcast, The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: Unpublished Recordings. The production was born with the promise to provide new information about the plot surrounding the fatal night and, for that, uses all the material that journalist Anthony Summers collected in the 1980s, when investigations into the actress’s death reopened.

Summers listened to almost everyone who was close to Marilyn during her lifetime and, especially, in her last days – about a thousand people – in an effort to reconstruct the tragedy: from the statements of iconic filmmakers like Billy Wilder and John Huston, in colleagues from me I work as actress Jane Russell, psychiatrist and close friend Ralph Greenson and Eunice Murray, employee of the artist who gave the “warning sign”. With rare footage of Marilyn’s career and actors reproducing the owners of the voices present in the audio, the documentary details the many contradictions and questions about her last moments, like the visit by Bobby Kennedy on the day of her death, or the information. that she would have found him still alive, but died in the ambulance and had taken him home again.

Official theory and the persecution of the muse

“It was like breaking a stone with your finger,” the journalist admits at one point. And it’s not hard to see why. In this case, the “maze” is so large that the spectator himself loses in the amount of tapes and theories. In the public version, the actress’s psychiatrist was called to the artist’s house, at dawn, by Eunice Murray, who received no response from the star when she knocked on the door of her bedroom, which was locked. After entering the rooms – breaking the bedroom window – Greenson found the Hollywood symbol naked, surrounded by “a tragic scene”. Next to her, numerous bottles of medication caught the attention of the psychiatrist, who quickly realized that the patient and his great friend had already died. Authorities said Monroe had overdosed on medication. However, specialists soon ruled out the possibility that the cause of death was accidental intoxication, given the amount of medication. But beyond that version, split from some voices in the documentary admitting that the actress in recent days looked very upset and did not ask for help, Summers gives us another way: Marilyn had a relationship with the Kennedy brothers and that did not seem very praised by the powerful forces of the FBI, as the actress was seen as the left, at a time when the great confrontation was taking place between the two great world powers – the Soviet Union and the United States. -called the Cold War.

After many failed relationships – especially with Fox executive Joseph M. Schenck, Johnny Hyde, the agency’s vice president, William Morris, or even Frank Sinatra, with whom he had a brief chat. issue – and three very painful marriages – at the age of 16 with James Dougherty; in 1954 with baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, and finally in 1956 with Pulitzer Prize-winning Jewish playwright Arthur Miller – the relationship with the attorney general and the President himself became known. Those closest to him say in the documentary that Marilyn started attending the home of actor Peter Lawford in Palm Springs, who was married to sister Kennedy. This is where Jack and Bobby rested and everyone knew about the actress’s relationship with her brothers.

Who would have liked to know that it was Jimmy Hoffa, the leader of the Treamsters Union – US Truckers Union – the corrupt celebrity linked to the mafia, who, after being questioned by Robert about his “indecent activities”, wanted to found a way to get revenge. He hired a detective to “tarnish the image of the Kennedy brothers,” who wired the beach house and Marilyn’s house. Thanks to this, it became possible to know the details of the relationship: through the audio of telephone conversations, discussions, sex, etc. But since her marriage to Arthur Miller, the star has been under scrutiny by the FBI, given the playwright’s relationship with the Communists. Summers points to National Security and Intelligence documents that believed that “the Kennedy brothers’s famous toy, a volatile creature that went to the psychiatrist every day and talked on the phone with everyone – the people on the left – was not the right woman “To be with the President and the Prosecutor of the United States.”

In a July 1962 document, a month before her death, an anonymous informant spoke to the FBI about a meeting between the actress and the President “where the morality of nuclear tests at the time was discussed.” According to the journalist, Monroe was “a friend of Fidel Castro’s friends” and this made him “a target to overthrow”.

It was at that time that the Kennedy brothers realized that they could not maintain the connection and with a stern phone call asked the actress not to contact them again. “That’s what killed her,” believes Arthur James, one of Marilyn’s best friends.

There is another theory, said by the widow of Arthur Jacobs, the man who managed all the relationships of the Hollywood star. According to the woman, Jacobs received a call informing him of his client’s death at 10:30 p.m., Aug. 4. At the time the couple was watching a show at the Hollywood Bowl. However, as soon as he received the news, the agent went to Monroe’s house and did his best to keep the press away. So the question arises: what happened between 22:30 and 3 in the morning? According to Ken Hunter, in charge of the ambulance that sent Marilyn to the hospital in Santa Monica, the artist was found on the arm when everyone said she was “prone”. And Schaefer, the owner of the company to which the vehicle belonged, said the actress was in a coma and died in the ambulance after returning to her room, on someone’s orders.

Books by Francois Forestier, Marilyn and JFK, published in 2009, had already worked out the connection between Marilyn and Kennedy, as well as the theory that she died much earlier than official time and that a group of people were at her home. in the production of NetflixHowever, more details are known, such as the fact that Robert Kennedy was one of those people (according to Murray) that Marilyn had called the White House days ago “too upset that it was used” or that she had hired one. person to delete all evidence of Bobby’s short stay at the beach house that day. After his death, all photographs and recordings between the three were seized. Jim Doyle, a senior FBI agent, even admitted to Summers that he was at home when the actress died and that the team had to “get on stage right away so it would not be clear what had happened.” But what is a lie and what is the truth? Hollywood, Los Angeles, wiretapping, gossip, murder, suicide, honesty … The truth is that the journalist, despite devoting two years of his life to the death of Marilyn Monroe, still has no final answer. And the star seems to have guessed: “The real things are rarely there. Usually just fake things. It’s hard to know where to start if not with the truth. When I was little, sitting in the movies on Saturday afternoons, I thought how wonderful it would be to become an actress. In all I will see if that would happen. He wanted to know. I would like to be a good actress “, we hear in the last part of the documentary, which confronts us with bright eyes and the wide smile of someone who has spent his life looking for a place of belonging.


Suicide, accident or murder? The mystery of Marilyn Monroe’s death – Akhbar News EG

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