Update: Murder/suicide suspected as newly-married couple found dead at EBD home

Nicholas and Sasha Low-a-Chee

The village of Sarah Johanna on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD) was on Tuesday morning plunged into a state of shock following the discoveries of the bodies of a newly-wedded couple.

Dead are 26-year-old Nicholas Low-A-Chee, a businessman, and his 24-year-old wife Sasha.

INews understands that police are investigating the possibility of their deaths being a murder/suicide since the house was not ransacked, their valuables remained intact, and the suspected murder weapon was found next to the dead husband and wife.

The gruesome discovery was made at around 07:30hrs today by an uncle who had gone to visit them. This publication understands that the man sustained a gunshot wound to his side while the wife had one to her chest.

The couple lived alone and was last seen alive on Sunday. The discovery has left relatives and friends baffled and with a lot of questions as to the circumstances surrounding their demise.

At the scene, curious onlookers gathered to get a glimpse of the bodies but the detectives had cordoned off the area surrounding the single-flat concrete house. Family members who spoke to this publication, including the victim’s parents, said they were unaware of any problems between the couple.

The young man’s mother said that she last saw the couple on Sunday. She recalled that they spoke for a while since she is expected to travel out of the country at the end of the month. The last thing, she recalled telling her son, was to answer his phone whenever she calls.

Meanwhile, persons in the area stated that on Sunday evening residents in the neighbourhood were setting off firecrackers and bombs and as such, they believe that the incident might have taken place around the same time.

The couple was found on their bed while the suspected murder weapon, a gun, was found near to them.

The police are continuing their investigations.

Update: Murder/suicide suspected as newly-married couple found dead at EBD home

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